Vigilance from Max Aguilera-Hellweg on Vimeo.
Vigilance is a film about unflinching purpose in the face of tough economics. Here a rare breed of physicians
reveal the nature of their work as daily they face life and death cases with a shortage of colleagues and
economics that are broken. The doctors make the case for philanthropy to support an endowment enabling
the hospital to compete in hiring from a very small national pool of pediatric sub-specialty doctors.
Vigilance was shot with a crew of two under tight hospital access restrictions. We shot over the course of
10 days embedded in the hospital and clinics of CHOC Children’s in Orange County, California. Creative
Team: Max Aguilera-Hellweg and Gasper Patrico, co-writers and producers; Michael Rey, Executive Producer;
Max Aguilera-Hellweg, Director/Cameraman.